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If you are a business owner who currently provides, or is planning to provide digital downloadable products in the future, protecting yourself from Internet theft and fraud is the best investment you can make.  Theft of your products, and time lost dealing with fraudulent customers can cost your business a great deal of money.

Consider this: One oversight from any one of the processes below can cost you $15 to $30 in chargeback fees.  More than one oversight not only costs you more money, but it can also put you at risk of losing the ability to accept online payments in the future.  This is a fact.

You need to protect your company from fraud throughout the entire sales process by:

  1. Verifying that the purchase charge is valid and authorized by the credit/debit account owner.
  2. Only allowing valid purchasers access to your downloadable products.
  3. Using delivery confirmation to prove that your digital items have been delivered.
The first rule of fraud prevention is to make sure your customer's payment information matches all the relevant authorization values returned by your payment processing company.  Payment processing companies use several methods to validate each purchase credit/debit card holders make on the Internet.  This information is provided to you in the form of address verification systems, or AVS, and credit/debit card verification and validation response, also known as CVV codes, and accepted and or declined codes.

The second rule on online fraud prevention is the use of specialized download protection software, which helps control access to and delivery of your digital products.  Digital item theft, or Internet shoplifting, is easy, even for people with very little technical skill.  Simply having your item in a directory on your website, sending a link to the item after payment is received, or sending your customer to a download page that directly links to the purchased product, leaves you vulnerable to Internet shoplifting.  It is simple for people to share your download link with others, post the links on the Internet, or have your download pages picked up by search engines.   To fully protect your products, digital items need to be stored outside of your normal web page directories, and you need to use download protection software to contol access to and delivery of your products.

The third rule for preventing online fraud is to always use third-party delivery confirmation when delivering a product to a customer.  One of the most common problems that online companies share is friendly fraud.  Friendly fraud takes place when a customer claims they did not receive a product they purchased.  On occasion, this can be a valid complaint from a customer, but did you know that this is the most common ploy used by fraudsters to get items for free from online merchants?  Using a third-party delivery confirmation service removes any question regarding the determination of your products delivery.

The download protection software we provide follows these vital fraud prevention rules.  When comparing and selecting the download protection software that is the best fit for your company, make sure that it provides all of the fraud prevention requirements above.  If you don't protect yourself in all of these areas, quite frankly, you are putting your business at risk.  Why take chances with Internet fraud when you can easily prevent it with the right software solution?


Download Delivery Confirmation Service
Download Delivery Confirmation Service